Jen Heaslip
Jen Heaslip

Edgar Varela Fine Arts presents the work of:



@ Edgar Varela Fine Arts

Closing Reception on Thursday  September 10th 2009 from 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition: August 22nd to September 10th, 2009.

EVFA @ 542 S. Alameda St., 2nd Flr., Los Angeles, CA 90013

(between 5th & 6th Street)

for more information please visit

Edgar Varela Fine Arts is pleased to present new works by Jen Heaslip. Live music by Doug Cox.

Jen Heaslip

“I have no idea why I paint.  I have no idea why I paint what I do.  I’ve been painting the same thing, the same set of ideas and by the same means for over twenty years (you’d think after that amount of time I’d be a little better at it): “Naked guys standing there doing nothing.”   (  When I have Chaz Bono’s money maybe I won’t need to work it out on canvas anymore, and choosing art as a means to achieve the financial aspect of that goal is really bad decision making, one that assures continued paintings of Naked Guys Standing There Doing Nothing.  See how nicely it works out?  That aspect of it aside…I still have no idea why the ‘Nothing,’ but I assure you, there’s a lot going on in Nothing.”

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