Closing Event, A solo exhibition by Erica Steiner @EVFA on April 9th from 5-8pm

Heaven is Not the Wide Blue Sky
A Solo Exhibition by Erica Steiner

“Heaven is not the wide blue sky, but the place where corporeality is
begotten in the House of the Creative.”  -Lu Yen

March  12th – April 9th (Artist Reception: March 12th from 6-9pm)

Erica Steiner’s newest series of oil and gold leaf paintings, Heaven is Not the Wide Blue Sky, explores a collective longing to touch and know realms beyond, to transcend both time and existential uncertainty in the face of rapid environmental degradation on a globally unprecedented scale.

The work dwells at the psychic intersection of imagined, archetypal
pasts and paradoxically playful yet apocalyptic futures, at once seeking to confront the gravity of our current human predicament and simultaneously seeking refuge in the pursuit of deeper patterns and rhythms that pulse beneath the surface of all life, imbuing the
material world with beauty and life force.

Incorporating elements of landscape, ornamentation and abstraction, the paintings employ a highly detailed visual language drawn from a wide range of influences, including traditional Indian, Tibetan Buddhist and Aboriginal painting, psychedelic art, contemporary graphic design, Japanese landscape painting, medieval Catholic illuminated manuscripts, mid-century modernism, Mexican folk art, and Victorian fashion. The work is rendered in oil and gold leaf on canvas, in series of fifteen to twenty paintings, painted in many layers, over time.