(Show Extended, Reception May 21st from 6-9pm) NO FLIP FLOPS PLEASE: Artist Marc Valesella’s LEGS Series Exhibits at EVFA. Opens Friday April 29th from 6-10pm

(Show Extended, Reception May 21st from 6-9pm)


Artist Marc Valesella’s LEGS Series Exhibits At Edgar Varela Fine Arts

Spending most of his 20’s in the jet-setter, high-fashion circles of Paris while working for Guy Bourdin as a fashion photographer and designing custom shoes for the Parisian elite, it is no surprise artist Marc Valesella’s “LEGS” series has more to with shoes than legs.

His approach to the “LEGS” series is much like Yves Saint Laurent’s view of fashion – “Fashion fades, style endures.”

Valesella explains, “Elegance is the manifestation of inner beauty. This work is an expression of my belief that elegance must be cultivated as it cannot be bought like the current fashion trend.”

As a part of the Month of Photography in Los Angeles (MOPLA), Valesella exhibits the LEGS series in a solo show at the EDGAR VARELA FINE ARTS Gallery, April 29, 2011 – May 28, 2011.


Marc Valesella (www.marcvalesella.com). His photographic endeavors start with the visualization of a beautiful print, even when taken out of the context of the series. He began his photographic career in Paris by assisting Guy Bourdin in the 1970’s. He learned black and white printing under the guidance of Jeanloup Sieff. In 1986, after Moving to Los Angeles, he started to work with large format cameras. From 1995 to present, Valesella has made extensive research on high definition printing with small and medium format cameras, using highly customized enlarging systems. Valesella’s work has been exhibited in solo shows and featured in private collections internationally. Recent photography project – photographing ancient cave drawings for the Werner Herzog film, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”.

Marc Valesella

EVFA (Edgar Varela Fine Arts) & MOPLA (Month of Photography LA)

“Legs” – a Photo Exhibition by Marc Valesella

RECEPTION Saturday May 21th from 6-9pm
Exhibit runs April 29th to May 28st
Gallery Hours are Wed-Sat from 12pm-6pm

Edgar Varela Fine Arts
727 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Edgar Varela Fine Arts is dedicated to exhibiting compelling work from exciting emerging and mid-career artists as well as  providing a platform  for interaction and conversation about the contemporary art world. EVFA also curates and produces relevant cultural happenings  that impact the perception on traditional art roles in society. For more info:  213-604-3634, e-mail at edgar@edgarvarela.com

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