EVFA (The Backstory)

Many moons ago as a teenager I began producing small music events in the city of Los Angeles. These events involved navigating a nightlife scene in Los Angeles that now looking back on was a little dangerous for a 15-year old. Warehouses, lots, clubs, pop-up art shows is where it all happened, where my love of artistic creators began to flourish.

This continued for years until the day I decided that I might take a more serious stance in my life. I studied Business and Marketing, started working, built a career and 10 years after I started creating events I found myself deeply entrenched in the world of commercial banking and real estate, my role was as the commercial real estate analyst and appraiser for major developers and banks.  I was drawing a good salary and at the time, was happy with my direction in life. However slowly but surely my urge for more creativity began to emerge and was no longer satisfied with the occasional museum visit, concert or party. With my brother Rush going to Art Center College of Design, I felt the urge creeping back even more. As a side project I began to put together small networking events in order for my brother and his friends to have a great meeting spot and network with my other friends in the film, fashion, music and art fields.

This was the spark. At this point what was a hobby took a life of its own. Leaving the safety of the corporate world I started my EVFA art gallery out of my loft and began presenting monthly art shows, music shows, producing small films and facilitating in all aspects of fashion, it was a fantastic rush of creativity. Now, I wont give away all my secrets that have led to a successful transition from the corporate banking world to the world of Art and production, but I will say this; I started EVFA as a labor of love with a make or break attitude as far as financial success, I love what I do as I get to choose all the amazing people I work with and I am surrounded in amazing visual and audio art, so my passion for it is on everything you see my logo on. EVFA will always strive to provide you with a little extra no matter what we do.

Look for the Gallery Openings which mostly feature outstanding emerging artists from U.S., Music happenings which feature Breakout music talent from California with special touring guests, Film community networking events and small art film production (I will start posting some here) and larger scale community festivals. It is all about being creative, expressing your passion, to me all these industries are all the same, we all want to make a living doing what we love, I try to make a living helping people do what they love, pushing them to the front of the stage and showing off there talents like a proud parent, regardless of financial success. I believe art and culture to be a necessity of life and I am here to help you get your share of it.

Edgar Varela produces public and private cultural events throughout Los Angeles; he is based out of his Downtown Los Angeles art gallery where he maintains regular art openings. On his spare time he sits on the board of two arts non-profits and is the board director on the Neighborhood Council. You can find him working production, music and art at Bloomfest LA, Abbot Kinney Fest, Target Fiesta de la Familia and at his gallery @ 727 S. Spring Street, LA 90014.

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