Vote for Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council


Hello Fellow Downtowners, I am running for the At-Large Director seat on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC). Elections are being held on November 15th in DTLA. As a 10 year resident and a business owner in DTLA I feel that I know some of our needs and I want a chance to continue to make a difference. Spread the word, come out and Vote. It’s your neighborhood, participate, help mold its future!

Vote! Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood

Council (DLANC)

Here are my recommendations:

At-Large Director: Edgar Varela

Arts & Culture Resident: Joe Moller

Arts & Culture Interest: Tati Simonian, Montana Graboyes, Nancy Lee & Anastasia Johnson

Area Wide Business Director: Hal Bastian

Area Wide Resident Director: J. Russell Brown

Public Sector Workforce: Gretchen Siemers

South Park Resident: Scott Bytof

I have served as Arts, Culture & Education Resident director for the past two years. This year I am running for the At-Large Director on the Neighborhood Council, which means you can all vote for me!

Election day is November 15th, so I will remind you as things get closer. I will also post my recommendations on candidates for the Arts, Culture and Education seats.

The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) will be holding its bi-annual elections on Thursday November 15th from 2-8 pm. I strongly suggest that all downtowners vote. Stakeholders in this election are not limited to local residents; anyone who does any kind of business in downtown or lives here is eligible to vote. That means that if you work here, own a business, are homeless and live on the streets of downtown, live in a SRO, a loft, or a hotel, you can vote. Stakeholdership is self-declared and no proof is required.

The polling location will be at The Exchange, at 114 West 5th St, between Spring and Main Streets. That is the community space on the ground floor of the Rosslyn Hotel, next door to my gallery.

Please come out and vote. DLANC is an advisory board which gives local citizens information and input into any and all public and community projects, as well as providing a small budget for the Board to initiate its own projects. The most useful aspect of DLANC’s activities is the role it plays in providing community voice to the decisions made at City Council. The two City Council members representing Downtown LA, Jan Perry and Jose Huizer, pay close attention to the advice they receive from DLANC. It is vital that our community participate and provide this advice to our elected leaders. It is possible for us to influence city policy this way; in fact DLANC has been the single most effective Neighborhood Council in the short history of the system, which was created at the beginning of the last decade.


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