Marketing/PR Services:

Experiential Marketing, Event Participation Consulting, Sponsorship Consulting, Local Strategy for DTLA business as well as Hyper Local PR, Strategic Partnerships, National Partnerships and Brand Consulting.

Event Services:

Event Production, Event Consultation, Permit Consulting, Talent Buying.


Additional Services:

Source Design, Website, Social Media, Fabrication and  Artist Partnership for Licensing.

FEE SCHEDULE: Monthly Retainers or Flat Fee based on Services, 4-month minimum contract for marketing. Events must be at least 1 month in advance for effective production services.

2 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi, I’m LaRon I would like to know if you had any space available for the event at L.A live.
    Make handmade jewelry mostly for men, we do carry women, kids, and animals, hats and a few other items.

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